Supercell is back again with a bang, the new game(yet to be released for public) Clash Royale is creating waves on reddit, supercell forums and other online gaming communities and so is our Clash Royale hack and cheats. Who would have thought a tiny company founded in Finland back in 2010 will be worth $2 Billion dollars in just 5 years, yeah this is right, Supercell is now worth around $2 Billion+ thanks to the addictive games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach.

What kind of game is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is continuation of Clash of Clans with improved game play and changed scenario. This is one another strategy action based game where you train troops, capture other users resources and level up. Well the basics are almost same as of Clash of Clans and somewhat similar to Boom beach but the difference is graphics and conditions, consider it a re-branded clash of clans.  Here you create clans (or you can play alone) use the cards of your deck for powerful troops and attack other online players. Once you defeat them you collect the reward as gold, gems, elixir.

How is Clash Royale different from Clash of Clans?

Well you get new cards, new chests, new arena, new trophies new gameplay, new graphics and a whole new game 🙂 Well only the basic concepts were taken from Clash of Clans and the game is completely new.

The game is basically about getting cards, improving them to strengthen your troops and attack others. All other resources gold, silver, elixir are there to improve your cards, unlock locked achievements and level up. The game even uses 3D touch of new iPhone displaying more info on hard press.

What is Clash Royale Hack tool?

Well if you want to cheat Clash Royale we are providing you with a tool where you can just hack into the resources and trick the game for level up. Its simple to use and coded recently but since the game is not yet released and updated everyday we are updating our clash royale hack tool to tune properly.

Clash Royale hack tool
Download Clash Royale hack tool

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Well Xbox dosn't really need any introduction or explanation as its probably the best gaming console out there for online gaming and you can compete with any player in world by either purchasing Xbox Live gold membership or using our free Xbox live gold codes. Well console gaming is not new anymore and most of us are addicted as hell to it. The developers at microsoft understand this very well and that's the reason they keep blowing our mind with every next version of game or console update. For some of us its not easy to buy Xbox live gold 12 months subscriptions as its a bit heavy on our pocket so we found a workaround.

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Hay day will give you full new farming experience. The graphics are fantastic, beautiful detailed with landscapes and zoom and pan. The presentation of Hay Day is fairly cinematic for a mobile game. The amazing thing is when you use the gestural controls to gather sellable products your animals yield, like wool or milk. You will get a chance to produce a variety of crops, vegetables, fruits and berries. You will enjoy Hay Day diamond hack with your pets like sheep, chickens, and cows. And you will grow and harvest crops like wheat and maize. So you will get a total experience of farming in your own country and accumulate enough resources to move higher level. You can even create your own distribution network where your friends are enlisted. ...continue reading

Developed by Zynga, Zynga slingo is a social casino game. First time released in February 2012 on Facebook. Zynga Slingo is the first licensed game of Zynga with the partnership of Slingo. Guess my experience when I played Zynga Slingo for the first time, I found myself addicted to it. All its hack cheats works properly.Zynga has properly combined the Slots and bingo aspects in it, which makes you feel it as a Proper Casual Game which is enjoyable to play.
Slingo is not at all a new game to play in Internet, rather it is one of the oldest Internet games. Cash hack cheat tool is also there. It was first appeared in the year 1995, almost 17-18 years back. ...continue reading

Most of us has remembered Zynga as the Facebook gaming company which gained popularity from its famous farming game Farmville. But the companies first success was Zynga Poker. Zynga Poker is otherwise known as Texas Hold’em Poker. Developers has lunched all its resource cheats to hack the game.Its still competing very hard with other poker  games such as Poker palace and Poker Rivals ,but non of these games can beat Zynga poker in the competition.
This game doesn’t involve real money, unless you go for buying more Chips. This game is like gambling but you can play and enjoy this game without spending any real money. There is no risk in this game and even it provides the excitement of online poker. ...continue reading

Another exciting game introduced by Zynga, Zynga elite slot is another gambling game in world of Facebook games.This game has a lot of resources like coins, cash , slots and many more. Even all hack cheat tools are also there which are ready to use. The game begins with an introductory table to explain about the pattern of the game. You will get each and every information about this game from this introductory table. The table will instruct you how to proceed and how to play the game. You can skip the Introductory Table completely if you want.
The game is all about collecting stars, Gems and collective items with every spin. There are many pets you can select any one of them. ...continue reading

The name is only enough to suggest you what quality of game can it be? Zynga Bingo yes, you are right it is a creation of one of the top facebook games developing unit Zynga. Zynga Bingo is the first most Bingo game introduced by Zynga as so far zynga has only introduced some adventurous and strategic games. It is a typical Bingo game nothing different or special feature can be found in this game but as it is a game introduced by Zynga it has its own reputation in comparison to other bingo games. Resource hack cheats makes this game more interesting.
As bingo games totally depends on good strategy and presence of mind this game is also like that. Needs lots of patience, smartness and strategic game play. ...continue reading

Zuma Blitz is almost 3 years old game in facebook but has gained popularity in last some months. It is not like that this game doesn’t have any exciting features in it but this game was being modified last year by the creators. It has its rebirth with more fabulous features in it. Zuma blitz hack cheats are available on internet .
Developers Pop cap Games has put lots of effort develop this game attractive and exciting. But fails to develop it as a mind blowing  game. Some negative features put down this game from the expectations of gamers. Money hack and cash hack some how works in this game. When it comes to its game play then I will say that this game is all about  matching balls of same color  from a group of different color balls. ...continue reading

As its name suggests this game will definitely have animals and something zoo type surrounding in it. This game is all about organizing a zoo by selecting animals, buildings and other necessary things which a zoo needs. Likewise other facebook games Zoo World also have leveling system in it also you will get cheats to hack this game. The game play totally revolves around shopping and settling up a zoo with no adventure in it. The revolution of the game around shopping can make bore to some of the gamers or might seems to be interesting for those who love shopping.
With these type of negative features this game also have many positive features. Players who love building surroundings will going to enjoy this game because it is the only one of its type. You will not find another game of this type in facebook. ...continue reading

Developed by Digital Chocolate Zombie Lane was released in Facebook and Google plus on April 2011 and in the later part of 2011 it was released in iOS too with some modifications. Like so many city building, farming and destroying neighborhood games in facebook Zombie Lane is also all about city building. But Zombie lane has made its own identity different and better than the other city building games. The creators have worked hard in developing this game. But that hard work has not came firm to make this game good to play and enjoy even though bricks cheats and food cheat hack tools have been lunched for it.
After knowing about the concept of this game you might be thinking that it will be something similar to City Ville and Frontier Ville. ...continue reading