8-Ball Pool Hacks and Cheats

8-Ball pool hack is one among the many billiard games that are played in the social networking sites. Many people who like to play or would like to play billiards in the real world also play it in Facebook. Because few basic rules that apply to billiards in the real world are also same here. Players who play this game a lot will learn quite a bit about the angles and shot speeds to use when the play games in bars and pool halls. You can also hack this game resources easily. This game has been developed by Susil Chandra.

Visually, 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool is a rather simple affair, though the colors are vibrant and the overall presentation is polished. Cheats for more coins are available here. The tables currently offer a winter motif, though you can opt to shut off the snow pattern for plain felt. Initially the player may find it weak and sort of boring. But eventually you can realize that this simple game could actually help the games of pool I play in the real world. The game play is superb but the sound really is annoying. The graphics are very simple and almost crude. You cannot see the numbers on the billiard balls, but there is a substantial difference between the solids and the stripes and the pool table is also not textured and you get a very basic top-down view of the playing surface. There are almost no options to tweak the gameplay. And the controls offer little flexibility. The controls should be old hat to anyone who has played Yahoo pool or similar games but is a bit more sensitive. And the most irritating part is the timer system which makes every shot feel rushed.

8 ball pool cheats hackFor 100% accuracy mode cheat tools are there. You are generally presented with three basic options that is play, tournaments, and play friends. In play mode, you’re quickly matched with another Facebook user, and the process is completely painless but unfortunately, there are zero chat features, not even preset statements that might give you the tweak of satisfaction or excitement. Tournament mode runs you through a gauntlet of other players, making for a decent competitive option. Directing your stick is handled with the mouse, of course; click and hold the left button and pull back on the mouse to power up your shot; release to take your shot. There is neither big-name billiards stars nor a pool cue. The top-down view allows players to understand how the ball travels and how the correct angle can sink nearly any shot. There’s no way to fine tune your aim, and the timer is set way too short. Achievements received during game play are always a nice touch.

8-Ball Pool from is a fairly basic and straightforward simulation of the popular billiards game of the same name. Hack money in this game and play.However though a lack of social features is sorely missed, and the credits earned within this mode seem to have no apparent value It offers a functional game of pool, attractive presentation and achievements. All in all 8-Ball Pool is a small, but excellent, billiards game. Once you play a few games of 8-Ball Pool, you will probably be addicted and will find it a permanent home on your desktop or games folder.

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