Adventure World Hack and Cheats

The most familiar and ambitious social game ever play on Facebook. This game takes some interesting elements and styles. It takes on broad exploration, multiple quests and beautiful world full of traps and secrets. Exploring is done to achieve the ranks of mysterious organization called as the Adventure Society. The main line quest takes you from El Darado to Egypt to Tibet and including that some side quests are also to take on. Some of the traps which can be skipped, battling with enemy’s snakes and many more. A set of tools used such as machete for clearing away brush and an Indian Jones-style Whip for striking those pesky snakes into submission. Coming on quests, the main objective is like finding a specific artefact, feeding monkeys or collecting a rare flower. To save energy, friends can also be part of the team and perform some actions for you.

The outline of the game Adventure World food hack

Starts with Base Camp which is ultimate home, from where you can buy new equipments, collect fuel or food or water, do some gardening to discover coins around the camp. Some more adventure takes can be done by clicking on “Build” button to buy several dugout around the camp and earning money overtime. Build menu provides some other facilities such as buying base camp expansions, to recharge over time you can earn more coins from the respective sites. Base camp has three resource buildings, provide food, oil or water. While going on Adventure this resource will regenerate in the building over time. In your camp, one resource buildings will be available so for other resources you need to visit your friend’s camp or from professor’s camp.

adventure world cheats hackAdventure World food hack has two venture out on are the adventures and the expeditions. Adventures are main quests and expeditions are side quests. Adventures help you unlocking new chapters as you complete all the adventures in one location. For a new adventure you need to have some friends and minimal gathered resources. An expedition helps you to earn money, experience and items. Fewer rules to be follow in this venture out. To complete an expedition, a limited amount of time required. If time runs out, then you will need to start that expedition all over again. On every quest a list of mission will be seen on the left side of the screen. Some invisible missions need to follow the hint. To jump to next part of the mission you can click on “show me” button. Sometimes underground caves have some items and inside the bushes you will be able to see a snake. While questing valuable treasures such as jade vases, ruby vases and azure skulls come across the way. These are filled with coins and energy.

These games really capture look sense and adventure sense and are most impressive. A unique social feature on Facebook for the players, a player will really love to play the game especially who just loves foods.