Airport City Hacks and Cheats

Airport City coin hack

Interesting concept on airport and city as it named. This game is for them who are excited for flying which elaborate airport aspects. Airline terminal are populated by passengers. To board a plane is should have enough passengers which will then take flight into the sky for anywhere from a couple of minutes to some hours. Moreover, these airplanes needs fuel to run also.

The trouble starts around the fourth level, when it requires to buy expansion for completion of buildings requirement by the tutorials. To spend on actual buildings you need to buy one 1000 gold plot of land otherwise allot around 25 facebook credits for the procession. It also uses some social mechanic like “ask your friends for parts”. By the seventh level, most of the action requires paying cash unless you don’t mind waiting for hours or days, just to refuel your planes. For first few levels its manageable but after that it demands increases with the increase in levels.

Navigating the screen starts with finding your level and experience, total fuel, available passengers, coin balance, airport cash balance, city capacity and energy balance. To find current missions you can see on the left side of the screen and to very right you will find bonuses, visting planes, and time of the flight. Then it comes to the bottom of the screen which will show your store, flights, warehouses, collections, friends and news, and tools.

airport city cheats hackThe phrasing adds coins, airport cash, experience, fuel, passengers, energy, and city capacity and so on. The idea on terminology is given below:

Coins: Airport city uses coins as the currency. To build homes and businesses, purchase expansions for your airport and purchase new planes, all it need is coins. Coins can be earned by sending out flights and from the businesses also.

Airport Cash: The premium currency in airport city is airport cash. It is mainly used to skip missions, to purchase bonuses and premium items. Using real money airport cash can be purchased. As you level up, you can earn one airport cash.

City capacity: It depends on number of buildings built in your city. Expansion of city increase the capacity of your city. And likewise the other terminology works accordingly. To earn coins over time commerce buildings are allowable, for runways, hangars, and all airport buildings. The foremost thing for running airport is an airplane and a hangar. Store button which is at the bottom of your screen provide to purchase a hangar. Likewise runway needed to send a plane to carry passengers. Then tap on fly button to begin the flight to collect the passengers from your city.

To see the length of each flights tap the flight time’s icon. For numerous flights it need to grow your airport with additional hangers, different planes and more runways. Click on the plane to collect coins, experience and bonus items. Shop button used to build a house and residential tab for selection. After selecting housing option click the buy button. For placing the house click on grassy area and mark confirmed. Using some of your coins you can build up at speed and unlock it.