Angry Birds Friends Cheats and Hacks

Most of you must be familiar with the game of Angry Birds. It has become a very popular game and game lovers love it. The graphics are really good. And the birds look really funny and it feels exciting to aim and destroy the object. Angry Birds Friends plays pretty similar to any other Angry Birds games out there and is focused on sling shooting birds with special powers to knock down towers with green pigs in them. Fire up Angry Birds, and if there isn’t a real life laugh-out-loud happening as you fling your first fast-flying fowl, then you need surgery on your funny bone. Talking about cheats power-Ups hack and mighty eagles hack tools makes it more interesting to play.

There are many major differences in Angry Birds Friends compared to the other Angry Birds games in the market. The biggest difference would be that the game is FREE for the first time upon release and that you get to compete with your friends on the leaderboard in the game through Facebook. The first guaranteed LOL is from the amazing sound design. Each bird has a unique hilarious battle cry, and the other birds screech nearby… ahem, egging them on. And the smashing, crashing and banging as the birds bash into the structures adds to the humor. Your basic Angry Birds formula is use a slingshot to launch an army of avian ammunition towards a plethora of pudgy pickle-colored pigs to wipe them off the face of the map. Even you can use king slings and bird quakes hack cheats in this game. As you launch the fliers at the targets, they shatter boards that cause the rest of the structure to collapse. There are, of course, different kinds of materials, like wood, ice or rocks.

Super seeds hack is also possible here and it works successfully. Each level starts with a finite number of specific birds and bird types. The graphics are equally fun. Each of the five bird types is uniquely drawn, with lots of character and detail. Colors pop, and the cartoon world feels alive and fun. There are five bird types, each with a different attack. Red birds fly straight at the target, while gray birds will split into three smaller birds when tapped. Yellow birds will accelerate when tapped, black birds will explode and white birds drop egg bombs on the structures. The fewer birds you use, the higher the score. Angry Birds features 105 levels to play. As long as you crush the pigs before using up your pre-determined arsenal, you beat the level.

angry-birds cheats hackThe biggest problem is the online portion. If you want to participate in the leaderboards, you must sign up to a service called Crystal. This game pulls no punches, as from the outset you are faced with some very challenging puzzles to overcome in order to accomplish your goal. But gameplay is king, and it really soars here. Moreover it is incredibly funny. Great graphics, sound and solid physics makes up for most of the flaws.

Angry Birds is, bang for the buck, one of the best games right now. Solid physics gameplay mixed with honest laugh-out-loud moments makes Angry Birds soar high above the crowd. And yes, it’s okay to laugh when the birds crash.