Animal Kingdom Hack and Cheats

People chase for hidden object game on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter and this game is one of them. This kind of game places a great impact on players which is related with predators and prey. It explorer with creating and nurturing the own wildlife preserve while visiting a variety of natural countryside to search for animals. It is all about creatures and wildlife’s and calling them “Ecologically minded game play”. This game put emphasis on knowledge of nature. You can get an experience on find things like “gorilla” or “white rhinoceros”. You will get a view of typical social zoo game.

Which says to preserve animal by searching hidden objects to earn silver, experience and unlock new and rarer animals. On the screen you will find current balances in form of silver, gold, energy, current level and experience and your current reputation. To find current quests click on the left side of screen and to finds friends and toolbar, scroll at the bottom of the screen and access inventory tools, your shop, and other more items. To earn currency in Animal Kingdom Explorers you can get silver to purchase items and animals. This can be earned by levelling up, completing hidden object scenes and quests. To earn premium currency you can get gold to purchase premium items, speed the time and skip some steps while building new buildings. Using facebook credits you can purchase gold. The shop preserves all kinds of items. Experience is used to unlock the levels which gain by completing quests and searching hidden objects, whereas, Reputation unlocks new places to travel. It can be earned by purchasing objects, animals and habitats. For collecting bonus pay attention on animals that can live peacefully near one another otherwise you can get a negative bonus. To earn more bonuses place plants those are native to animals. By performing quests, habitats will get unlocked and provide larger amount of reputation and experience. Items provide permits and energy items using gold. You can also find updated news on Animal Kingdom Explorers. To visit hidden object scenes, you need story book. While hunting for hidden object senses you can use hints.animal kingdom cheats hack

Animal Kingdom silver Hack
Next process is to build your preserve and that can be earned by purchasing some animals. From animals tab you can select some animals of your choice and provide brief information on each animals to arrive at the preserve. Clicking buy button ensures the selected animal purchased. And to purchase some other items you can follow the same. A selection of habitat is done by clicking on the inventory button and completes the habitat. Adventure button helps to get hidden object scenes. Select a scene to begin searching of items and a list of item will appear at the bottom of the screen. You may notice some items on the list have question marks next to them and will provide n image of the animal when clicked. Magnifying glass helps to reveal the location of one item on the list. Once a scene completed you will get final score. A scene completion can earn you silver and some experience. This is how the game provides you celebrating nature in its purest form.