Armies of Magic Cheats and Hack

Armies of magic pave the path and leads you to a different world of magic. Armies of Magic is an incredibly simple game at its core. Armies of Magic silver cheats provides an enjoyable experience and is perfect for both casual gamers and RTS veterans. Taking its inspiration from mobile games like Trenches, Samurais vs. Zombies, and everything in between, Armies of Magic puts players in control of a fantasy army that will march across the screen and do battle with any and every enemy they come across. Armies of Magic is a game developed by Playdom in which you must defend your kingdom from the goblin threat. It’s amazing and greatly arise interests to progress through the game. The single-player is so addicting and that it will have you leading your troops into battle for hours. As its name implies, the game lets you control an entire army and destroy your enemies using your magical abilities.

Armies of magic hack tools are available in internet .The game opens with you choosing your side among the fantasy races that are present over there. The options include humans, elves and orcas and each has its specialty and uniqueness which differentiates it from the others. What you need to do is to spawn your soldiers into the battle with just a few timely mouse clicks. Both you and your opponent have a hero and there is a straight path between the two. The basic strategy lies in knowing which troops to unleash at which times. Since you won’t need to do any of the fighting directly, your troops will move and fight automatically and it becomes a game of timing, as well as knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your different troops. “Mine” is an important resource in the game. Mine patches are scattered alongside the path, so workers will also move forward to the nearest mine patch when the current mine is depleted.

armies of magic cheats hackPlayers will need to pay a certain amount of energy crystals to release new fighters into the fray, and these crystals need to be mined in the middle of combat by a specialized troop type. Gold cheats and population cheats helps you to play more in this game. Once to speed up your crystal production, the more you have, the closer they’ll get to the enemy and as you might expect, a slaughtered miner doesn’t get much done. You start the battle with a small amount of mines, and training a sufficient amount of workers is a sure thing to do firstly in order to ensure an economic boom for building more powerful armies later. When you find you are greatly outnumbered by enemy higher-tier units, it will be the time to concentrate on your military development in your base. There are different military buildings available to train the different troops in Armies of Magic, but they all work the same: they require population, time, and money. There are six different types of buildings, that together balance your city and in extension, your army. To increase your culture score, and be able to have more production buildings in your city, you need to build extra cultural buildings. In order to unlock new buildings, and in extension, new goods and troops, you can go to the Research tab. In order to keep your city safe, you need to dedicate some of your troops to defend the city. When you've killed all the miners, only very few more troops will come out and it's mostly you against the enemy commander. Once your enemy is dead, your soldier will continue to walk towards enemy lines until it dies. The game ends whenever either of the two heroes dies.

It is a highly entertaining game that combines the side-scrolling real-time strategy and city-building elements. Hack the resources and enjoy it more. The social part of the game is also satisfying. It nicely balances defense game play with troop-building city elements. So just go and get yourself lost in the battle of magic.