Army Attack Cheats and Hack

The word army relates to the military strategy. Social networking sites like facebook provide such military strategy game to play. Army attack is a game that’s about attacking enemy and conquers it. The main theme of the game is to constantly defending the enemies with their missions. The world in army attack is to involve in disputes. The evil viceroy vice has conquered much of the land and you need to liberate it.

In Army Attack cash Hack the beginning the visible portion of the map is small but eventually you’ll be able to expand the portion. The mouse pointer over the enemy unit will turn red and then click it to attack. For every attack it will cost you an energy with just one unit or with multiple units. Drifting the mouse over any unit will show you the unit’s type and statistics. The top bar represents the unit’s health, the ‘attack’ statistics shows the unit’s attack strength and the ‘range’ statistics shows the unit’s range. If combat unit specifies with 1 attack statistics then enemy’s unit had a health of 2 and it will take two turns to defeat the enemy unit. However, you can gain 2 attack strength by attacking combat unit with 1 attack statistic. To know the range of unit you can drift the mouse over the unit. If you move with your units, the enemy unit will also move and advance towards your territory.

army-attack cheats hackThe yellow colour shows the range of a unit. Drifting mouse over the unit will also help to check ‘Ready to act’ statistics. Clearing defensive unit will cost you energy. But in Army Attack cash Hack Defensive units are minefields, barricades, or propaganda towers and it will not damage your units when attacked. If a unit lost all its health then to heal the unit it will require two days otherwise it will permanently be lost. Resources can also heal your unit. It also helps to relocate buildings. Action dependency will cost you energy units. You want cash purchasing units, buildings and extra supplies. The amount of resources, energy and cash will be dropped when defeating an enemy and picked it up before vanishes. When starting the game, you can have a maximum of 600 resources or energy. Drifting over an item in your inventory to check which enemy units you are looking for. Plus-sign indicates the item in the inventory. Tab ‘Share button’ to ask your friends for a specific item. Active defences will actively attack any enemy unit within its range. Helping your friends earn you more experience, items and get more help on your own battlefield. Here in this game of Army Attack cash Hack You will be provided a total of five ally actions to perform. Buying map expands the playing field and finds now strategic goals and tactical missions. Defences will help your combat units in defending your land. The combat is satisfying, the visuals are absolute charming and provide a lot of incentive.