Backyard Monsters Cheats and Hack

Ever imagined facing a monster? How about some monsters in your backyard? It certainly feels creepy, isn’t it! But Backyard monster as the name suggests isn’t anywhere near creepy. It is a fun game played in social networking sites like Facebook. A lot of Facebook games try to be funny or at least quirky, but frequently these attempts at humor fail and render the game more irritating. Backyard Monsters deserves praise for being the rare quirky game that’s actually funny and amusing. There are a lot of resources here in this game and the most important thing is that twigs, pebbles and putty you will get hack cheats for all of them.

You begin by building a little town for your monsters, trying to design it so that essential buildings are protected by defensive turrets. The game’s cash-based virtual currency is called Shiny, purely so the game’s interface can encourage players to Get More Shiny. Monsters have silly designs and make curious grunts and squeaks. Hack shiny and goo here to earn more. There are four types of essential resource to produce, a town hall, facilities for making your own monster army, and storage buildings you need to hold all of our building materials. Resources fly into your silo with cartoon “fwee!” sounds. Hilarious! Isn’t it? If you design your town correctly, your defenses will cut invading monsters to piece before they can do much damage. If you mess up, then your buildings get damaged and you can lose resources. You’ll be able to do a lot of experimenting with your town’s layout, all of it largely headache-free. There are 5 buildings that need to be constructed at the beginning of the game namely Twig Snapper, Pebble Shiner, Putty Squishier, Goo Factory and Storage Silo.

Backyard_monsters cheats hackUse cheats for bone, coal and magma to hack this game.Backyard Monsters is a game that really works, though, because it boils an often-complicated genre down to its simplest, most fun basics. The priority is to build the first two since most of the buildings that need to be constructed rely more on twigs and pebbles. A worker will help you build, upgrade and repair your buildings. Moving buildings around is easy enough, thanks in large part to how smoothly the game runs. The game seems completely anomalous in this environment, offering a blend of grand strategy and monster breeding. You can be attacked by wild monsters or, once you’ve reached a certain point, other players. You can’t build, research or deploy your monsters if you don’t bank or store your resources. The rate and number produced every hour will dictate how often you need to check on the game to ensure all buildings are continuously running. You can start building at least 1 of Snipe and 1 Splash and place them at corners outside of your resource buildings and town hall so they can protect them during an attack. The window is divided into 3 columns. The first being the category, second showing the quest and lastly the description of the quest plus the resources you gains after completing it. The list of quests is your guide to know what you need to do. What’s great is that it lists them in order of importance. New quests are available as you level up.

The superb gameplay offers both genuine depth and a lot of customization. Graphics are excellent and efficient. All you got to do is play and have fun.