Bejeweled Blitz Cheats and Hack

This game is totally associated with gems bombing concept to come out in recent years. It gave a smack hit on iPhone and social networking site like Facebook. Looking into resources diamonds hack works 100% here in this game. For the PC this game is an outstanding game and can play for free. As in previous versions of Bejeweled, the gameplay here is about getting as high a score as you possibly can in less than 60 seconds. Whenever there is a formation of “L” or “T”, star gems are created which are wiped out by rows or columns. Chain formation can create multiplier gems. These multiplier are the key to the whole game as they make difference between a 100000 score and a 1000000. It also features coins gems, when matched with yellow gems. There are some special power-ups called Boosts and coins can be spent on it between the rounds. There are five boosts to pick from the range and adds extra time to next round to give you a starting multiplier or to blow up the special gems without making a match. For booting up you need to re-enter your Facebook info.

Additionally you will be awarded a bonus 1000000 coins to spend on special boosts and to improve graphics when you match 4 and power gems are created and explode when used in a match of their own. Still coin hack cheats are there to earn unlimited coins.  Hypercube are created when you match-5 and will destroy every gem of a certain colour on the board. It offers a simple streamlined social experience which doesn’t involves puzzles so much as compared to other versions.

A great audio quality has stepped up and soundtrack being added to tell you every time when you reach 25000 points and this experience much more exciting for the players. When it comes to the resolution aspect then it provides highest resolution and seemed to work best game play wise. This is the reason why this game works so well on both Facebook and iPhone. It is also a game of speed and one can improve efficiency through this game. You can invite your friends to play and fosters competition among them.

bejeweled-blitz cheat hacksUse hacking cheats from different sites and play it. The leader board of your friend will show on the right side of the playing field. It’s a wonderful involvement for competition users. This is compelling and addictive game that runs well on a laptop and is an excellent diversion during, say, a TV commercial. Probably you won’t stop playing just one more round and then another. You can find the blocks to be colourful and delightful through the experience. The 60 seconds play sessions can make you more addictive as you constantly replay that one minute attempting to best your previous score or those of your friends. The previous version has also the rules to be followed but this version is quite different from them. While playing you can identify the difference as this is the next version of Bejeweled 2. The 3-match play provides a variety of options to follow and to solve the puzzling strategy.