Bingo Blitz Cheats and Hack

There is a number of Bingo games that are being played in various social networking sites now days like in Facebook, twitter etc. It is a very interesting game which can fix your eyes and bottom to the screen and seat respectively for few hours. The real game of Bingo that is played with real money used to be considered a dangerous addiction. Now this game when put online in Facebook proved no less! It has also managed to addict the game-lovers to a great extent. And the best part: In addition to typical sounds and music, Bingo Blitz actually has a caller that reads off the numbers as they appear at the top of the screen. Each region has a different caller, who usually speaks in a regionally-appropriate accent. That is simply amazing, isn’t it?

The main object of Bingo Blitz money hack is to get bingo. How you go about achieving this will depend on which room you play in. Like any good Facebook version of a traditional game, Bingo Blitz adds rule variations and power-ups. Adding power-ups to bingo is about as peculiar as it sounds, since you have to keep track of when you can use the power-up. A meter in the upper-right corner of the screen charges whenever the announcer calls a number you can match. When you enter the room, the middle of the page will show where you can use credits that are the blue coins marked with a B to buy your bingo cards. There are 75 ball bingo cards and you need to aim to mark of all four corners or any line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Bingo Blitz is one of the new breed of Facebook games, as much about letting people play traditional games through the platform as the usual elements of virtual currency, collectibles, and experience levels.

bingo blitz cheat hacksIn Bingo Blitz money hack has many special features that can help you to not only achieve bingo, but also help your experience to climb and give you access to other rooms and greater rewards. Tournaments are available to play each and every day. You have five rounds to play in the Bingo Blitz Tournament and the aim of these is to get the highest possible to score in order to win free credits. Marking the numbers which have chests on them means you collect the chest and open it for a reward at the end of the bingo game. There are a huge amount of rewards available like coins will buy you things from the store; these can be Power-Ups, keys or credits. Keys will be needed to open chests which are symbols that appear on your bingo cards. Certain tiles on each card will automatically yield either coin bonuses or a treasure chest, which players can open with keys. Power-ups can fill random spaces on your card; create more tiles that grant coins, and a number of other useful effects.

This is a very interesting game but has few bugs like there is no option to keep your cards between rounds, which can make playing with high numbers of cards a bit confusing and credits used to buy cards regenerate slowly. But in spite of that Real-time competitive play against high numbers of opponents and collectibles and levels that are integrated smoothly into game and its engaging nature manage to make us forget about the minor flaws it has.