Blackwood and Bell Mysteries Cheats and Hack

The word mystery represents this game to be as hidden object game. Each chapter will have an explicit feel and it will be a little darker theme. Here we can meet with the actual reality and fictional exciting characters like vampires. It also adds a feature like a pair of detective. You are free to use cheats in this game to hack silver or coins. James Blackwood and Catherine Bell are two detectives who travel the world during Victorian period. To solve the crimes, clues will discover in each scene. For this particular game you have to work for your answers. Each crime scenes presents a list of objects that you must click on as quickly as possible. From multiple crime scenes, you have to gather evidence and click on objects within a few seconds to issue score multiplier which will help you to level up on each crime scene. And this performance will help you earn more money which is necessary for the second half of mystery. Arranging evidence in your yard make you a reputed detective. You can also play crime scenes multiple times just to collect certain pieces of evidence.

Silver hack comes with the cheat tool of this game. The main operation of the game starts with the resources it provides. Resources include silver balance, gold balance, current energy, level and experience and current reputation level. Decoration items also provide reputation than other decor items. The Tower of London and The London Docks are some buildings which will also provide experience and reputation points. For every completed quests a marvel be earned and it increase your experience. Build mode used to move item, rotate item, store items and sell items. Mysteries button helps you solve mystery which will open up a new window. The story log will allow you to refresh on your current story as well as on previously solved story. You can also invite your friend and compare the score with him by completing a scene. By increasing reputation you can unlock the scene. You need special bonuses to visit your friend’s scene.

blackwood cheat hacksCoin, gold and silver hack cheats are very easy to install here and make it easy to play. In some specific time duration you can complete the scene and make high score and challenge your friend too. By clicking on gift button you can receive gifts from your friends. To play a hidden object scene you need to collect 10 energy points. Energy cans are also available to regenerate the energy points. But once you run out of the energy you need to wait for it to regenerate. You can also leave a message for your friend or hide a gift when they next visit your place. For every sold item, you will lose the reputation points. When you grow up to the levels your energy will also refilled. You can also utilize the Sleuth Challenge, in which you will compete for the highest score by finding the most items is a scene in 60 seconds.

The above resources help you solve mystery and gain your energy levels to unlock the next levels. The darker theme can also attract you to play this game with richer colour that compliment the game.