Blackwood & Bell Mysteries energy hack and gold currencies hack

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is an amazingly thrilling game, played in the social networking sites like facebook.  This is a game from Playdom.  Woven with the charm of hidden objects, mysteries and clues this game enchants all. It can be played alone but the real charm is in playing with the friends.

The basic aim of the game is to solve mysteries by searching through scenes to find hidden clues which will lead to find the hidden objects. There are many things in this game that will enthrall you.  There is energy which allows you to search hidden object scenes. And you need an energy level of at least ten to search a hidden object scene.  And if you have run out of energy you will need to wait for it to refill or use an energy restoring item. There are silver and gold currencies.  Silver currency is earned by completing hidden object scenes, visiting your neighbors, collecting your daily bonus, and completing quests. And gold can be purchased using via Facebook Credits / microtransactions. This is the premium currency in the game which is used to purchase premium items, unlock premium hidden object scenes, and skip over quest goals. There is also Reputation which unlocks hidden object scenes and can be earned by building your yard. The XP or experience helps level up and unlock new items and quests. It is earned by completing quests, and purchasing and building up your yard.

There will be given mysteries which can be solved with the aid of clues and gold currencies hack which can be found highlighted in red in each hidden object scene and if you are still having trouble finding an item which you need to complete a collection, you can add it to your wish list and you friend can help you sending it as a gift. The gifts and your items can be found in the inventory. You can spin the Wheel of Mystery which gives you a chance to win bonus items such as gold, unique items for your yard, and hints that can be used in hidden object scenes.

blackwood-bell-mysteries cheat hacksEnergy hack and gold currencies hack will help you a lot. You will need to build your yard wisely in order to progress in the game and every item you purchase for your yard will provide you with experience and increase your reputation. Once a building is finished, you will earn the reputation increase from building it. Some building can be upgraded for additional experience and reputation points. To upgrade a building you will need to request items from your friends. To see what items you need, click on the building you wish to upgrade to open the upgrade window. Once you have received all the necessary items, click on the upgrade button to upgrade the building. To solve a mystery you will need to find clues, and to find clues you will need to search through the hidden object scenes after getting to know about the story. Then you can select a scene to visit to open the hidden object scene. If you become stuck looking for an object you can use a hint. When you first begin the game you will only have access to the magnifying glass using which you will get the location of one item on the screen.

After you have completed solving the mystery of your scene you will receive your points which you can compare with your friend’s. It is a fabulous game to pass time with.