Bubble Atlantis Pearl Cheats and Hack

Bubble Atlantis, as the name sounds the game is also very bubbly type and interesting too. When we will look from a social perspective this game is pretty basic. Besides this bubble Atlantis has a colorful art style, high quality and melodious sound design that suits well with the upbeat and downbeat mood as well.

When it comes to developer of this game, the name mindjolt is the person who is having bundles and bundles of good experience in this field. This game is simplistic and one of the casual game. In bubble Atlantis, a beautiful kingdom exist deep beneath the ocean waves. Coral, a young mermaid was living a life of lazy luxury. Atlantis has to saved from sky king and for this attempt coral must fight with the watery depth armed only with super powerful bubble and bubbly deposition. This game is all about underwater world which we know is very peaceful and calm.

In this game what we have to do is burst the burst the bubble puzzles and make free the deep sea creatures to finally turn the tide against evil Zeus. 8 magic hidden pearls are to be found out throughout Poseidon’s watery realm. From the Kelp Forest to the Sunken Ship, you must aim Coral's cannon and collect power-ups in your mission to clear all of the bubbles from each level and free Atlantis! Mindjolt with his own creative experience has brought its own variation of match three bubble shooting to Facebook with bubble Atlantis.

bubble-atlantis cheat hacksIn Bubble Atlantis pearl hack we have to enter the underwater realm of Poseidon that has been toppled by a jealous Zeus. All of the denizens of this world have been sealed away in their own bubbles, save for one lucky mermaid. Controlling her, we must make our way through the game’s several stages in order to release matching three bubbles of a kind. Not sure why it would be three, but just go with it. Simply we have to match three bubbles of the kind. The underwater city of the coral has to be saved from Atlantis and bubble cages. Three or more same colors of the bubbles has to be popped and explode them. In this we are given a layout of varying colors and must fire randomly colored bubbles at it from a central point at the bottom. Trios of the same color will be removed from play, earning points, and any other bubbles hanging beneath them will fall as well. Every so often the ceiling of the level will descend, pushing all the bubbles toward a red line. Should any cross the line, the level is over.

After completion of each level in Bubble Atlantis pearl hack a player will earn up to three stars depending on the score. The more stars a player earn, the more gold they accumulate. This gold is then used to purchase power-ups that comes under handy during water levels. The difficulty from these standard puzzles comes trying to ricochet bubbles off the wall.

Thus bubble Atlantis is a totally creative and fun game go and play it.