Bubble Epic Cheats and Hack

Bubble epic hack is an interesting game on Facebook. Basically it is nothing more than a usual bubble fun game. This game is published by 6 waves. Simply we have to match bubbles of the same color and clear them up. Once half of the bubbles at the top is managed, all the bubbles will automatically fall and dropped into the basket marked with scores.

A background story exist behind bubble epic. An epic land marked by odd ruins and ancient temples is there for us to explore, call on our friends and we together would discover hidden treasures. 6 Waves especially put the story on an ancient book in the game and made it seems real. The landscapes in the game scenes are distinctive. Mountains and valleys, volcanoes and grasslands, players need to move on step by step.

There is no time limit for this game however the number of bubbles which we are having is certain. So if higher scores are to be achieved, bubbles need to be shoot slow and sure avoiding the wastage of time when the bubble falls into the basket.

Another important feature of this game is that shooting down all the bubbles will simply not allow us to enter into the next level. For entering into the next level there exist some minimum requirement and that requirement is certain amount of score that one has to earn before going to the next level. In other words one can say one has to earn one star in each level for moving to next stage. It helps to get a mysterious island in the bubble shooting adventure.

bubble epic cheat hacksEach level in Bubble Epic hack sees as being challenged to clear at least 10 bubbles from the top row of the board, and player can earn up to three stars based on the points which is accumulated in that stage. As combos is made by matching three or more like-colored bubbles, which are shot from a haunted tree stump,  bonus is earned points for each additional bubble that falls from the top of the screen.

At the beginning of each stage, one can also purchase power-ups using the coins earned simply by playing. These power-ups mainly give the player a chance to add more bubbles to our gun before we fail a level entirely or give us bonus points right from the beginning of a stage. And of course, our score in each level will be compared to those of friends via the in-game leaderboard.

Additively one can swap between two active bubbles with the press of the space bar, making things a bit easier along the way. we're still limited in the overall number of bubbles a player have to shoot, but some other bubble-popping games don't offer this swapping mechanic, so Bubble Epic earns points there.

Player will eventually start to earn collectibles while playing Bubble Epic, but this small enhancement does little to make the game an instant recommendation. There are simply too many other bubble games to choose from, that your friends are likely already playing, to make this one worthwhile. Bubble Epic is unfortunately a case of "too little, too late" in an incredibly crowded genre.