Bubble Island Cheats and Hack

Bubble Island is one of those cute, interesting, colourful games that recently emerged on facebook. The objective here is to match 3 bubbles and explode them. Lives, coins and diamond hack is possible here. It sounds easy but once you progress into other areas, the patterns change and you must clear the board before the bottom reaches the fox and kills him. It is just similar to Bejeweled Blitz, and you are provided with a map of an island to open up few segments.

The game is based on time and will be given 60 seconds to clear all bubbles before it reaches to fox. At the beginning it is comfortable and easy but eventually it reduces the timer to three seconds. You would think this simple concept easily could become boring but there are new obstacles and challenge as you move along.

Though it’s an average game still you can take advantage of diamond hack in this game. You get bonus points for causing spheres by clearing the spheres hold them, but also suffer a point penalty when you use too many spheres to finish a level. In story mode, you can get high score by finishing levels using as few spheres as possible. Another mode which is weekly time attack level used to make matches and to drop off the screen. This will give you certain power-ups that make thing easier and can improve your score. Extra lives can be collected from the story mode of play and time and points can be gained by weekly levels. You receive points for your successes, which you can use to purchase another life or you can buy them via visa card. The main things you see when you play are the flying spheres and the little raccoon who loads your cannon for you. The raccoon come in existence when you have in danger of losing a level. Two game modes add exceptional depth. You only get 1 extra life and if you lose it, then you must start over or use coins for another one.

Bubble-Island cheat hacksTry to use the cheat tool and hack lives as well as coins.  This game is pretty fascinating and cartoon like 2D visuals. But at difficulty levels, the spheres gets smaller in size so it makes little hard to see. As you process further the later levels a bit harder to play. This is a facebook social puzzle game and look-wise also different. When the spheres descends towards you then eliminate the spheres with minimum spheres. Overall, this game is great and shows us extensive through the spheres. With its charming board game aesthetic, easy-to-pick up controls and objectives. It will test your thinking skills to get the bubble to the goal. As you advance, you will be able to gain power-ups via two modes of play which help you pass the more difficult levels. You can invite your friends to play this game and compete with him.