Bubble Monster Cheats and Hack

Bubble monster as the name sound involves monster with itself. This game is a little revolution in bubble shooter game and it involves six monsters with it and each monster is having evil power with them which create obstacles and is a challenge for the player. Simply it can be said the player has to deal with the evil power of the monsters in order to cross different stages with various strategies.

In this game of Bubble monster colors hack one has to match bubble colors to pop them. The clock ticks in this game, one will surely get squished if one is very slow. The bubble monster wants to gobble all colorful bubbles of the world and on the other hand it aims to save the bubbles from the wild bubble monster. Player has to simply aim and shoot with his mouse and make color groups to save them.

Bubble monster is an online funny colored game with colored balls hanging on the ceiling of a square room, on the sandy shore of the blue sea. Player has to take out his gun and use it to work with it. We have to free the spaces by shooting the bubbles. After shooting groups of the identical balls will be destroyed if they get into the ball of same color. Player has to make at least 3 matching colors to clear them off and save them from the bubble monster. The control of this game is through mouse only. Float the monster in the bubble with fan as you grab stars and reach the portal on the side.

bubble monsters cheat hacksHere one can let off steam, and one can also pop the monster bubbles. What is to be done is to find 3 or more associated monster with the same color and click on it. If player have more than 5 monster burst he get a surprise. Increase in your level higher and is better than your friends.

This is a very fast game. Player can free the monster bubbles by dragging. One have to connect at least 3 monsters and he can see how they burst. He can click, drag and drop the monster where he want.

 Bubble Monster colors hack

Here in people who do not want to think about a complicated game can just start playing. The most familiar and ambitious social game ever play on Facebook. This game takes some interesting elements and styles. It takes on broad exploration, multiple quests and beautiful world full of traps and secrets. These games really capture look sense and adventure sense and are most impressive. A unique social feature on Facebook for the players, a player will really love to play the game especially who just loves fun. Bubble monster is one of those cute, interesting, colorful games that recently emerged on Facebook. This game is pretty fascinating and cartoon like 2D visuals. But at difficulty levels, the spheres gets smaller in size so it makes little hard to see. As you process further the later levels a bit harder to play. This is a Facebook social puzzle game and look-wise also different.