Bubble Safari Cheats and Hack

Bubble safari is jungle- themed bubble popper. It is about the story of a monkey named Bubbles. Here the chimp has one girlfriend and they happily living life when, out of nowhere, they are poached! Bubbles manage to escape but his girlfriend is not so fortunate. So, to get her back he learned few tricks in the space program. Here players pop the multi-colored bubbles and the more you pop, the more points you score. Now in cheat tools you can even get health hack option which will make your health unlimited in the game. As players pop the bubbles, they will release fruit which will collect in buckets at the bottom of the screen. As you advance, the gathered fruit will be useful to you. Various ways to pop the bubbles such as skill shots, power-ups, and bubbles from friends. Whenever you made three buckets of fruits in a row you will be triggered to “on fire” mode. Things seem simple upto around eight levels to get your bearings. Soon after that however, the games becomes much more difficult as bubble formations and objective change.

bubble safari cheat hacksFor a high score you will earn at least one gold star. The more you pop the bubbles projectile wise it will grant you gold coins and bonus points. Clearing levels earn you energy. But energy hack cheats are there to get unlimited energy easily you will have cash balance, energy balance, and coin balance at the top of the screen. You can request bubbles from your facebook friends by paying coins. Cash can be used to buy energy, bubbles and special power-ups. As you progress in the game you will need to learn to bounce the bubbles off the walls at an angle when you make a match, a hummingbird will enter into that level. If you miss the shot, one humming bird will vanish away. At first you can have up to three levels. As you earn points, you will notice boost bubble on the left side of your screen and for every spinning you will gain special bonus bottle. Here the obstacle is coconut blocking you way and beehives full of angry bees. To complete a level you need to clear ten bubbles from the top row and earn enough points to notch at least one star. Here the dotted line give you an idea of the angle your bubble to shoot. One star earns you 25,000 points and the remaining bubbles will turn to fruit and drop. Here you can also hack coins and cash using cheat tools easily. If you rewarded with coins and three energy points you can replay any level again. Creating chains of popped bubbles will earn your fire bubbles and it will remove the surroundings bubbles as well as coconut in range.  Steel bubbles can only be removed by popping the bubbles holding them up. Completion of each section of the game will unlock the next portion of the map. Beehive can be removed by shooting fire bubble. Cash will help you purchase bubbles to continue will help you purchase bubbles to continue the level if you fail a level.

New element used called “Bubble From Friends” which allows you to ask friends for extra bubbles if you get stuck at the end of a level. You can ask help from your friend every 18 hours. The game also has built in pop-ups that ask you to invite people in order to continue playing. You can always use gold coins to buy entertaining power-ups like Lightning bubble, which destroys things in a straight line, and Rainbow bubble, which matches any color.