Buggle Lives Hack and Cheats

Buggle is for those who are a fan of addicting pegboard games. We have to use the different colored balls at our disposal to clear all of the green pegs from every level. Buggle world is full of fun and surprises. When we come right down to it, though, Buggle is far from the only bubble-popping puzzle game on the Internet, and most of what’s available out there won’t force the player to deal with the life limits. So while we may as well give the game a whirl if we’re wild about the genre, we don’t have to be too surprised if we lose your taste for honey pretty quickly.

Buggle lives Hack can be irritating and at times it’s downright unfair, but here’s the kicker: we are probably going to keep on playing, at least for at first little while. Because, a player have to face it: it’s nice to take our time with a bubble-pop game for a change, and dropping bubbles into pots of honey is strangely satisfying. Buggle is mostly a good and satisfying puzzle experience but would benefit from a couple of tweaks to be a little more player-friendly. For example, a player’s “lives” are expended whenever they start a level. This means that even if they have a run of completing levels perfectly, after a certain period of time they will be forced to either pay up or wait for them to regenerate. By comparison, King.com’s titles only reduce the player’s lives by one if they fail to complete a level, allowing skilled players to enjoy the game for longer sessions

buggle cheat hacksBuggle lives Hack, like too many social games, only allows the player to play for a limited amount of times before one have to wait dutifully for more “lives.” Unless, of course, the player want to pay to upgrade out of our life limit, or purchase power-ups to skew the balance in player’s favor. There’s nothing wrong with a developer charging for their content, but it becomes a problem here when the choice is “pay, or suffer through a broken system. As players progress through the game, they earn the ability to use various magic bubbles that give them special abilities. These vary from the “bomb” bubble, which takes out a small area of bubbles at a time, to the “cure” bubble, which removes various “obstacle” bubbles that would otherwise make the player’s progress more difficult. These magic bubbles are acquired by spending soft currency, which is acquired through play or purchased using Facebook credits. In Buggle lives hack the player may also purchase premium “Magic Jars,” using Facebook credits. These provide permanent enhancements to the player’s abilities such as a larger number of bubbles per level or a more accurate guideline for aiming.

Enhancements to the player’s abilities such as a larger number of bubbles per level or a more accurate guideline for aiming. The objective of each level is to cause all “wasp” bubbles to fall off the screen, at which point the player will receive a bonus for all remaining bubbles in the cannon and a star rating according to their overall score for the level. Thus Buggle is a decent game with good production values.