Café Land Cash Hack and Cheats

Cafe land is a Facebook game that is basically about managing a personal restaurant. This game is all about serving those visitors who visit the restaurant frequently and also we have to create our indoor design. The most important point is that the player’s options increase as the levels go higher as every new level gives a player the opportunity to earn more and to spend more. There is decoration menu in the game and there we can find all decorative item which can be accessed by clicking the Decoration button which is below the land cheats and hack

In Café land cash hack we have an unlimited option to drag items to the Warehouse when we want to put them away for later use. To do this, first we have to open the decoration menu and just hold and drag an object beyond café borders even on the grass or on the highway, or just person have to drag it exactly on the Warehouse which  can be seen in the decoration menu, and that is indicated with a box icon. We cannot drag floor tiles and wallpapers instead they move to our Warehouse automatically when new tile is placed on the former. A more interesting and fun filled feature so this game is that we will be able to receive gifts from our neighbors with 100 servings each of all kinds of fun foods once every 24 hours. These foods cannot be cooked from our cookbooks and it is not known how much is earned from each food, but they do earn different amounts so be sure to keep track of those our neighbors request a lot of and watch at the till or cash register to see how much it is earning per serving. The amount will briefly flash over the cashier when purchase is made. The smallest amount of money earned for gifted food items are 15 coins per serving.

Café land cash hack provide step by step information to the player in a very mannered way like we are gifted 25 Café land Cash when we start the game for the first time and we are also gifted 5 Café land Cash at every new level. Besides, some special quests give us Café land Cash when these are completed. Café land Cash helps us to purchase very special items which cannot be bought with coins. So in order to have more Café land Cash, player have to click on the Café land Cash icon at the top of the game screen and we have to choose one package that we will see suitable to purchase. We have to visit our café every day, without skipping one, to win the daily bonus. An important thing that is to be taken care is that we have to always keep our counters full so that customers will never leave our café and they will find something to eat. The popularity bar at the top of the game screen indicates how popular your café is. We must keep the Popularity bar as full as we can to increase the customer flow.