Café World Dish Hack and Cheats

Café world dish hack is a popular Facebook game application from Zynga and player can start their own virtual café. Player have to cook, serve dishes, earn coins, decorate restaurant and also dine at neighboring coffee shops in café world. As far as basic concepts go, Café World is the same as Restaurant City. Each player creates restaurant, decorates it, hires friends, and basically runs a business. However, both games do feel very different and are likely to appeal to different types of people. Here’s a closer look at the differences.

cafa world cheats and hack

In Café World player’s dishes are available and we don’t need to collect ingredients to make them. As the level goes up we can prepare new dishes for our patrons. Simply it can be said that preparing a dish is simple, our ingredients are already available and all we need to do is click on the dish we want to make. After that our avatar will add the ingredients and it will wait till the dish is ready before serving it. We must wait anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for our dish to fully prepare. The more complicated the dish, the more servings it will provide for our guests.

Furthermore one more interesting feature of this game of Café world dish hack is the decoration items which are used by the player. The décor items we can add right now are quite minimal but since Café World is new we should start to see more items added soon. We can add lots of windows, doors, chairs, tables, wallpaper, flooring and other standard items but there aren’t many fun decorative items available yet. We can sell any item we don’t want by dragging and dropping the contents onto the register icon. We can also expand our café but many of the larger cafes are not yet implemented in the game. One more feature of this game is that we can make visit to other place through this game .The only way to visit other cafes in the game is to have some Facebook friends we can’t visit random restaurants which we can do in Restaurant City. We can also send various gifts to our friends from the gift page like other Facebook games it works the same. Gifts consist of meals and drinks we can serve our guests. We can add neighbors via the links at the bottom of the thing that can be concluded from this interesting game is that this is really made for those who want a little change from other Facebook games. Cafe World is still in the early stages of development and many features are not available yet such as expanded sizes for our Cafe. While Café world dish hack really doesn't expand upon Restaurant City, it is much more accessible and easier to play. It is recommended for those players who want a change of pace from Farmville and other Facebook games but at the same time want something that is easy to play and fun too.