Candy Crush Saga Free Lives, Cheats and Hack

The most amusing game played by Facebook users is Candy Crush saga. Candy Crush is simultaneously simple and crazed. Each month on Facebook around 40-45 million people play this game. candy crush saga cheatsHence, it is the most popular game on Facebook. Addition to this it is most downloaded game on Android based mobiles and apple devices. Anybody interested to solve puzzling objective then this game would be the best and addictive too.

This game Candy Crush Saga Hack is totally engrossed with a grid full of colour “candies”. The simple rules to be follow are that players must move around the candies to line up them in a row or column. After lining, the candies get cleared and above candies take their place and this process go on up to the completion of that level. Initially these goals might be simple but as the levels increase it start drawing challenge from there. Some levels may have some hidden ingredients in middle of the candies.

For every stage a limited number of moves are given with proper puzzling objective. This game provides five lives from the start of the game. Incomplete board tends to failure and one live is lost. While playing that stage if you fail five times then it will let you bring down 10 or 15 minutes into the game. After that live will take be taken up on their own at a walk of one every 30 minutes. The main drawback comes when you don’t want to play continuously then you might miss the point.

candy crush saga free livesThe outline of the game Candy Crush Saga Hack is about the different levels and it is categorized as: jelly levels, ingredient levels and timed levels. The physical foundation of the game and type of levels is simple. As we discussed already, move a candy in order to make a row or column of at least 3 alike candies of same colour. If more than 3 candies are rowed then you will get a distinctive candy. Apart from the timed levels, you can take time to think about the next move considerably. The limitation of the levels is the amount of moves given to range the levels’ target when the time absolute is over or reached the level’s target then candy crush occur. Any special candies left on the board can improve the score with extra combination found when activated.

In jelly levels, the objective is to remove the jellies from the board. Jelly’s square are removed by making match over and transparent squares need only one match to remove the jelly while slightly transparent squares need two matches. One matches to make fully transparent jelly and other match to completely remove. The candies not in use but they need to be unlocked up is said to be stone squares. When a match is found next to it then it will break and open to be used. Two things to be in notice for: jelly squares at the top of field and in odd corners of the field. This kind may have some secret on the board so make sure whenever there is a possibility to remove those, you have crack it on.

In ingredients levels aim to move ingredients from the top of the board to the bottom by removing candies from below. This is the only strategy for this level.

In timed levels which is the most straight –forward of all above levels. Within specific time duration you need to search a certain score. When +5 written candies appear then use that candy to receive an additional 5 seconds before the times runs out. Special candies are formed when it has a match of more than 3 candies and it will clear the entire row or column when activated. When special candy combined with another 4- match special candies both the row and the column it is in will be cleared. For L-shaped and T-shaped match, an explosive special candy is introduced.

Next come Power-ups offered by Candy Saga during the course of play. Various options provided such as Purchase more but cannot seem to find in the game-store to own it, but will be coming in future restore. A few seconds without activity can highlight a potential match but since so much of the game is about taking the time to solve out the best possible move and it recommends the best moves at a rare. Still, the puzzles are fulsome and most challenging one.