Car Town Cash Hack and Cheats

Car Town is a social networking game developed by ice game. This game lets its users collect and modify virtual cars. The main objective of the game is to win races and to build a collection of cars, while the focus of the game is more on collecting them. This game basically says how many cars we are collecting and modifying. It currently has 7 million active users, according to their Facebook page.

car town cheats and hack

In this game of Car town cash hack the players earn points by performing jobs or taking on challenges, they can build their own garages with service bays to do more jobs, hire and interact with friends in the game and buy cars – lots and lots of cars. Showrooms offer up plenty of eye candy and the prices are just tempting enough to have those washing cars, changing spark plugs and delivering pizzas all day long to save up enough cash for their next purchase. Gameplay includes the ability to take part in races, take road trips, or make deliveries. Players also have the ability to customize their cars .This is a game which is liked by most of the boys.

Various strategies play into getting the most of Car town cash hack.  Everything revolves around the cars so we must collect as many as possible by either finding scrappers to rebuild or buying them with cash!  It is also important to budget our funds to buy businesses as they become available and this will let us have the cars "work" and bring in more money.  One of the businesses available are part stores that help upgrade the cars to perform and earn better.  Other businesses are service related gas stations, car washes and are used to keep the cars maintained so they don't break down.  As our collection grows, tough decisions must be made as to what vehicles get allocated the most resources. The only true downside to this game is how hard it is to earn cash and it really is and it can be felt while playing this game. There are two types of currency used which are gold and cash.  Each form of currency can buy different things.  Gold buys businesses, salvage/rebuilds of cars and properties.  Cash is needed to buys the garages that rebuild the cars we start the game with one and new vehicles.  We sometimes earn 1-2 dollars of cash but it is very rare.  Cash can also be used to decrease build times for property, businesses, and cars.  As a result, we must choose how to spend our cash wisely. Of course the game will let us buy the cash.

Some special features of Car town cash hack, which makes the game an attractive one are presence of showroom, junkyards, leader boards, garage , adventures, game show, docks, first five mission , target etc, which force the player to move into an real active mood and play the game otherwise he may lose. With this much interesting features, this game has received very low critical praise.