Castle Age Gold Coins Hack and Cheats

Castle age is a game which can be viewed as basic mafia war games. This is very interesting as it is a multiplayer game which adds more excitement and fun to the players. Basically what we have to do in this game is that we have to pick a hero that we wish to use on the game. We will have many options to pick up our heroes and we will find more heroes, which we can recruit, as the game progresses. Player have to just level up the heroes, upgrade their status and purchase weapons that they can use during the battles. Purchase buildings on our lands, which will earn gold coins every hour.castle age cheats and hack

There are different types of buildings that we can purchase in Castle age gold coins hack. The more expensive ones will earn more gold coins. After completing quests we will gain experience and level up our heroes. Energy is used when taking quests, which will help us level up upon completion. On the other hand, stamina is used for our battles. Our stats like energy, stamina and health will be fully replenished upon completing quests. Higher levels would require more energy and stamina. They are replenished for one point every 5 minutes. So the most important factor of this game are energy and stamina which run parallel in fact these two needs to be run in parallel.

This game Castle age gold coins hack can be played one on one with the general of another player or play with a whole army. Winning a battle will earn us some coins while losing will cost us losing our gold coins. We may also join a guild and play as a team with other guild members. Chatting with other members is also possible. Style of this game keeps things simple for a reason. It doesn't take much to learn, it doesn't require a large time commitment to play, and every move happens so quickly that player will be eager to do it again.

What's nice about Castle age gold coins hack is that it adds a number of neat touches to the formula that will keep us tweaking our inventory to keep things moving in our favor. Certain quests will require us to have different soldiers. Upgrading our personal weapons and equipment will help us in battle. Putting different generals in charge of our army will change the stats and affect the outcome. The premium currency of the game are equivalent to gems and diamonds of other apps. Using favor points will replenish our stats instantly. However, player have to be careful when using them since they cost real money. If person is bit impatient he may end up spending a lot of money for purchasing favor points. So patience becomes an important factor of this game. This is a game that we will enjoy playing for a long time. It has different game modes that will keep us engaged including quest mode. Joining a guild makes it social as we can team up with other players to take down other guilds. The graphics of the game is eye catching making it more fun to play.