Castle Ville Hack and Cheats

Castle ville is totally an animated game which attracted the players to play the game. It has 2D visuals and reminiscent of Disney’s Tangled. It’s fairly world is full of magic and fantasy. It will give a feel of forest which is surrounded by trees, lakes, farm, fish and rabbits and invite you to the virtual world. People adds free crowns and coins by using cheat tools here. Credit goes to the solid animation as it has animated framework. Zynga’s allows you to save a dying kingdom from evils. Here you meet new characters and uncover treasures that gives extra dose to the game.Castle Ville cheats and hack

Even you can go for free hearts and energy by hacking the game. The customization asks to design your game character. Choose the gender and their dressing style which will be provided in the option and then click create button and your character is ready to perform the tasks. Around tress and crops you will find nasty beasts which will attack you so to escape from them just click on them several times until they are beaten away. By doing so you will earn coins and points as well as beasties collectibles and exploration crystal. The main characters of the game are The Duke, Yvette, Rafael, Alastair who will guide you through the game. The Duke is your first neighbour who will give you many of your quests. Yvette will help build your kingdom and Rafael at three or four level comes and gives quests and help in your workshop. Alastair help you navigate around kingdom and interact with your neighbour.

For every new quest a blue question mark icon will over their head and you have to click on it to see the quests. Initially you will get 5000 coins and 13 crown but currency meter will provide more coins and crown if needed. Energy meter will show you the time left to perform a task or else regenerate the energy at every three minutes. Cheat tools are proving free crowns and nobility to your account in this game.Castle level unlock the gloomed areas for expansion. Design mode provides appearances you perform in your kingdom. Market has decoration items, crops, and more to purchase. The majority of tasks in the game which allow you to build collect taxes, craft items and more is perform by energy as it represented by lightning bolt. If you want additional energy then various options will be provided such as wait, level up, ask friend, or purchase with premium currency. The more neighbour, the more hearts you receive and it will buy you some special decor items for kingdoms. As the meter filled up you get a star and progress you to level up. Your action and performance makes you buy energy which can be get through collecting taxes, fighting off enemy, harvesting crops, or feeding animals.

Trees need to be chopped up by axe and each chop earn you one XP point, coins and logs to add to your overall resources total. Similarly rocks also earn you same resources. Gathering of fish into the buckets will earn you crafts items. Exploration crystals are needed to explore the lands for constructing kingdom. The clubs allow you to destroy a beastie with one hit instead of several, saving you a lot of energy points. Here the progress extremely dependent on friends you have playing. In short this game look and feel is very attractive and beautiful.