Crush City Magic Gems Hack and Cheats

Crush city is a puzzle game just like Diamond Dash game on Facebook. Unlike the other match-3 game it is a also a color matching puzzle game in which you must find groups of same colored objects that are orthogonally adjacent to one another and then click on them to get them readable. You can create color combo by matching the objects of the same color consecutively and that in turns gives you to swipe a whole line of objects and players rewarded by various powerups that are thrown onto the gridiron. Moreover, some gems have precious objects installed in the center, which can be collected to fill the magic ball. Once filled then it will miss some objects too. You can even boost magic ball by matching 4 or more gems that is a great jewel. At the initial stage it simply asks the participant to attain at least one star’s worth of points by the time. As you level up you will face many challenging objectives such as clearing specific spaces on the level grid by matching objects atop them.

Crush-City cheats and hackThe presentation of Crush City magic gems hack is very impressive with jewels that sparkle and shine and a fun take on the overall level map. Furthermore, you can alter or customize the game with new settings and objects set too. Unlike other games this game also provides you the options to invite friends and gain some currency at requiring time.

The synopsis of the plot is that the player is rebuilding the world after some great calamity. You can merely serve as a backdrop though area of the level map does change their appearance to look rebuilt once a group of levels has been completed. Before the time expires you should continue trying to clear lakes from the board by making matches atop them and dropping things down to the underside of the screen. Here the game monetizes through sales of soft and hard currency both of which default to bundles of $200 at a time. The roles of both currencies are as the soft currency used to purchase booster items before the level starts where as hard currency used to purchase powerful helper items in the middle of a story. You will helpers are significantly more powerful than the boosters as they do things like rearrange the gems on the level to form large groups or paint groups of gems all the same color.

Here in Crush City magic gems hack for each level you will be provided with leader board and a regular nag screen to invite friends. Gifts may also be sent to friends these includes free helper items and extra lives. You can even share your achievements and the game genre features an experience level system to bug you to brag your timeline every time they advance a level. Overall, the plot is well presented with nice graphics. The only drawback is it is yet another entry in a crowded genre that does relatively little to differentiate itself from its numerous competitors. It is a minor difference, but it makes a profound impact on the spirit of the game.