Diamond Dash Gold Hack and Cheats

Diamond dash is a match-3 puzzle game. In this Facebook game there is a colored screen blocks and the duty of the player is to clear away the group of three or more and it can be done by just clicking on the blocks. The blocks which are cleared by the player will disappear and while that disappears the whole screen will collapse in order to accommodate the new blocks that pour in from the top. So it can be said the goal of this game is to simply clear away as many blocks as we can in order to get higher scores. Diamond dash is one of the popular and well loved game of the Facebook. This a game which is love by most of its players in social world. Diamond dash gold hack is set in the Orient, which is known for its vibrant, luxurious colors and ornate buildings. The main menu background is a sunset overlooking an Indian city.Diamond-Dash cheats and hack

The game backgrounds vary among different inside locations of rich buildings with colorful draperies. However, the most obvious part of the graphics rest in the diamonds themselves. Sparkling in green, red, purple, blue, and yellow, they stack up on the screen. Fire will blaze around the screen as diamonds are eliminated. No background music is playing as concentration is needed to listen to the heightening intervals as diamonds are quickly matched. Clinking sounds occur as diamonds are tapped, the fire crackles, and the magic diamonds swish through the game board. Tapping sounds occur when options are touched on the menu. The volume can be adjusted on the menu under settings. Even with all the graphics and sound, the game consistently runs smoothly with very few pauses and no crashes. Thus its graphics and sound are really an awesome combination.

Gameplay on Diamond dash gold hack is very simple, touch groups of three diamonds of the same color in order to eliminate them from the board. As the game refills with diamonds each time, we have to find as many as we can in 60 seconds. A timer bar at the bottom of the screen allows us to keep track of time. Once we have 10 seconds left, the timer will beep for each second, reminding us to rush to get as many possible groups as we can. This part is really interesting. Points are given for each group of diamonds found. The more diamonds we eliminate, the higher the point value. As each group of diamonds is touched, an achievement sound is given, which progressively gets higher. If we can stay consistent, we will achieve fire status, which brings extra points for each set of diamonds we find while the fire is burning. While our score will not be diminished if we touch a wrong set, our intervals will return back to the beginning. Our score is kept at the top and is recorded at the end of each game.

Diamond dash gold hack is free to download.  Negative side of diamond dash is that it only allows five game plays before lives run out. Either we have to wait eight minutes to get one new life or purchase gold in order to keep playing.