Disney City Girl Coins Hack and Cheats

Now for all those who have been a fan of Disney characters this is a treat. Disney city girl is a cute game for fashion loving players. This is another of the social networking game which is mostly meant for girls (no restrictions if guys want to play though). Young players who are into games about fashion and socialization will have a lot of fun with the game’s polished graphics, chatty characters, and over-stuffed wardrobe. It is sort of similar to The Sims. It is ideal for fashion-crazy players who might be a little too young for a Sims game. disney_city_girl cheats and hack

This game also has a story to tell like the other games. Disney City Girl narrates the new, exciting life of one girl, and her in-game efforts pay off far more than they would in the real world. The game is on a story which is of hopeful young people leaving behind their humble farm homes for the lights of the big city. When the first cities and towns were established, girls and boys left the country and battled crowds and homesickness to leave their names amongst the masses.

 When the Disney City Girl coins hack

Game starts, you are asked to customize your appearance. You can select the different dresses, hairstyles, skin tone, eyes; makeup etc. when you select any dress, the lady turns over and shows you all over. There are 5 basic needs. They are Fun, Friendship, Health, Hygiene and Rest, which indicates your character. You need to decorate the home and find work as a fashion designer or chef and work your way up the corporate ladder as well as also need to find time for fun, food, socialization, and shopping.

There are much stuff to aid you in the game of Disney City Girl coins hack, like Coins which is the game's main currency used to purchase items such as décor and clothing. Then there is Energy which is required in order to do the tasks. By default you will have 15 Energy total. Then Experience which when you fill the bar, you will gain a level to earn rewards and unlock new content. The glam and gold are alternate forms of coins meant for purchasing things. There is Coffee Shop which will unlock upon completing Jenna's missions. It is a prime hangout that offers many forms of entertainment and Work by which you can perform jobs to earn rewards such as Coins and promotions to greater positions. "Daily Look", here you can enter into Daily look competitions and vote for others too. "Décor" helps you to purchase decorating items. "Clothes" tab leads to your closet. The player has to concentrate on "Needs" which are the aspects which keeps you happy.

"Settings" help you to make changes in music on/off etc. "Work", you need to work as some designer or cook or any other profession to gain coins. By working hard in them you will be awarded coins and promotions as well. "Rent" helps to know which flats are available for rent in the city. From "Shops" you can purchase clothes and other items... When you purchase clothes, they are stored in your closet. From there you can change your dresses. Few décor items have to be purchased by you as per the tasks given to you. Your tasks will be displayed on your left side. Once you click them, they show a preview of the task.

Disney’s effort isn’t very complex and you wind up feeling disconnected from your avatar. It offers a wide range of wardrobe options for work and play. Sleep or rest when you’re tired; work when you need a little self-worth; talk to your girlfriends when you’re lonely, and bathe when you start smelling a little ripe. However this game has few cons along with pros. The cons are that the game is difficult to advance if you’re playing solo and isn’t very challenging in any regard. But great graphics and animation covers for most flaws. True to most Facebook games that follow the life of budding socialites Disney City Girl is a social game through and through.