Drag Racing: Bike Edition Money Hack and Cheats

When it comes to “racing” there is an automated rush of adrenaline which one (especially guys) can’t help. On race day you just go fast and straight, but to the untrained eye it’s easy to miss any of those nuances. This is a game where you can customize your bike and then race against other bikes to earn money that you can use to improve your own performance. Real racing game fans like to get ‘under the hood’ of the virtual vehicles they race and with Drag Racing: Bike Edition this is no different. So challenge other players to tournaments and work your way up the leaderboards, or travel the world in career mode.drag racing cheats and hack

The developers of Drag Racing: Bike Edition money hack has boiled their gameplay down to something pretty super simple. All you’re responsible for is the perfect shift into the next gear, tapping the screen at just the right time to up shift and go just a little bit faster. You can race in career mode, or challenge other players to races. Cash is the currency in Drag Racing: Bike Edition which is earned by winning races against other players, betting on races, and winning races in career mode. Career mode takes you around the world, racing against numerous different opponents. You also need a certain amount of RP (Racing Points) to open up some of the items for upgrade and some of the races. You can earn these in game in order to open most items. You’ll race for cash and prizes that you can use to upgrade your bike.

The lobby is the main screen of Drag Racing: Bike Edition money hack where you will begin each time you load the game. There are some 8 different cities to race in, each with a slew of levels and a boss to beat. Often you can opt to race in shorter or longer drag races for money. While you could simply buy your way to a more powerful bike, simply buy getting a new one, there is a smorgasbord of tweaks and upgrades available in the garage. After a while you will find your opponents becoming more and more difficult. This is a sign that it’s time to either upgrade you bike or purchase a new bike. Your opponents will be different each time, and will be using their own customized bikes. There are various paths to upgrade your engine, exhaust, nitro, turbo, weight, wheels and gearbox. While it lacks the need for an accelerometer and doesn’t vibrate, the sound is extremely good. The garage is where you can customize your bike and engine upgrades allow you to upgrade your engine and ECU. Upgrading your bike is vital to winning races in Drag Racing: Bike Edition. There are three course lengths to choose from (when you have the option to choose). You can choose between ½ mile, ¼ mile, and 1/8 mile tracks.

With gameplay this straightforward, but with such reward when you win, Drag Racing: Bike Edition money hack is loads of fun, especially if you prefer two wheels instead of four. And yes, once you get started it’s hard to put down- it has that ‘one more race‘factor running throughout it. So get started to race.