Dragon City Cheats and Hack

Since few years the most popular networking site “Facebook” has kind of engulfed the market of social networking sites. And it keeps innovating new stuffs for its users. Social networking games are one such innovation. It has driven people nuts. The games which are played in the social network like Facebook and twitter are very interesting mainly because you can invite your friends, send friend request to your friend to make a community. Dragon city is one of the popular fantasy games in Facebook. In the social site you make the community with your friends and play in this community. And by playing there it facilitates playing with friends and even can help your friends when face any problem while playing. Amazing, isn’t it! No wonder this has high marketing value, because it has a pretty good reason.

dragon city cheats and hackDragon city money hack In this game of Dragon city money hack, It is a level up game finish the quest. In dragon city game you will build habitats for dragon, and hatch the dragon eggs and breed them together and feed them properly and use them for battle with other players. However your basic aim is to available dragons. The procedure continues throughout the series of quest. There are a total of 159 types of terrifying dragons which one is going to deal with and the dragon are discovered or named on the basis of how they hatch, how they fed and also how the two different types breed together. Every dragon has different strengths and weaknesses and has different elemental affinities.. But unfortunately there is no instruction memo or specific story to follow. All you need to do is earn money to level up the game. However you need not get disappointed because “when one door closes the other opens”. Likewise there is a book named “Dragon Book “which contains description about 159 types of dragon in its latest edition.

The game of Dragon city gold hack does not have any energy bar system. While playing the game some time you need the currency mainly soft currency like gold, for example in the level of 7-8, there is a “plant habitats” which you need to purchase. And for doing the purchase you will need to earn 1500 gold. And this currency will be collected from the dragons few of which are awarded as daily bonuses on their performance and the dragon which are breed successfully, they earn money over time. The risk will come when you will level up 10 modes because in that level you will able to enter in PvP component, also known as Dragon league. In this level you will be able to attack others three times in every six hours and also you will get reward with many prizes like soft or hard currency or experiences. But there are few restrictions or obstructions like in this game the dragon can’t be lost or injured, just their experiences will be swallowed.

Dragon city is social game; it has mainly two social mechanics i.e. visiting and helping friends. You can even send gift to your friends who are playing. This is an awesome game which has made it popular not only in social site but also has proved to be a hit as a mobile iphone game.

-Unlimited Gems

-Unlimited Foods

-Unlimited Golds

- Unlimited Levels