Dragon Vale Cheats and Hack

After Dragons of Atlantis here comes another game related to dragons. Black flip Studios has released an amazing Dragon game on Facebook. You can consider this game as Jurassic Park only with Dragons. This game is all about managing a zoo which is situated on a floating island. This zoo has all manner of Dragons and has to manage it as you do in other zoo games. Eventually, what you have to do in this game is to buy more and more space for the zoo and of course more and more dragons for it. Money hack cheats are available for this game.dragon vale cheats and hack

The game is relatively simple but quite slow and boring. You have to manage all the needs of the dragons and buy decorating things for them. You have to manage and decorate houses for them. Like all other zoo managing games in this game also you have to collect all the necessary things for the dragons, look after them and yes of course manage houses for them to live. In other zoo managing games you do all these things for all kind of animals but in it you have to do it only for the dragons.

When you go for the dragon characters of this game you will find them terrific and varied which haven’t seen before in any other dragon game or zoo managing game. I have provided information about all the positive features of the game but we can’t skip the defects of the game.

Gems hack and coins hack is also possible in this game. When you go for the defects of the game you will that they are bland non-dragon. Apart from it there is another defect in this game and that is the premium which you will purchase will cost you very high. Nothing is perfect in this world and the same is with this game also. But these two defects are very minor and can be overlooked. But some really amazing features like satisfying game play, plentiful money stands as the strong points of this game. Playing this game is fun and can be considered as the best pass time for the gamers of all age group.

All hack cheats for this game works well on it. These are only the basic information about this game the rest you have to find out by playing these games. I have done my job of providing information about this game now, it’s your turn to play and find out the more information about this game.

Hopefully, the information which I have provided in this game are helpful to you. Do you guys want to play this amazing Dragon zoo managing game? If yes, then don’t waste your time and move on for it. As choices of everything differ from person to person the same thing applies for the games also. Better to play the game firs and then to frame any opinion about it rather believing in others words. So, can I expect from you guys to play this game? I think you answer is yes. Then, what are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and play this fabulous dragon zoo managing game.