Hay Day Diamond Hack and Cheats

Hay day will give you full new farming experience. The graphics are fantastic, beautiful detailed with landscapes and zoom and pan. The presentation of Hay Day is fairly cinematic for a mobile game. The amazing thing is when you use the gestural controls to gather sellable products your animals yield, like wool or milk. You will get a chance to produce a variety of crops, vegetables, fruits and berries. You will enjoy Hay Day diamond hack with your pets like sheep, chickens, and cows. And you will grow and harvest crops like wheat and maize. So you will get a total experience of farming in your own country and accumulate enough resources to move higher level. You can even create your own distribution network where your friends are enlisted.

hay day hack and cheatsYou can invite your friend’s make them your visitors from town or other farms and earn money. You will be given some task to perform which when done can take you up a grade A ranch. To view all achievements you just need to click on your house which you have unlocked so far. Collect several hundred eggs for Egghead for example or get lots of milk from your cows for goat milk (or use these hay day cheats to get unlimited resources and diamonds).
To sell the items you need to wait to get your farm products are ready to be picked up. It may take few minutes for wheat to grow, or a half hour for cows to produce milk. By using diamonds you can speed up the process but they have limited quantities. Complete an achievement to earn diamond. You can also get free diamonds just by login into the Facebook account. And it proved really the most valuable form of money the game offers. To increase your coin intake takes a peek through other farmers’ newspaper. When you spot some construction equipment like dynamite, purchase them in bulk then sell them off and get some spare coins in the long run. Use the Hay day cheats to unlock everything without paying any dime.

Once you comprehended the concept of farm animals and crops everything will begin to mesh well as far as your game progress is concerned. You want to be able to keep animals fed, so that they can produce key goods but you will also need some of that feed to make more complex items in the marketplace. If you want to hurry things up then knock on any item or animal which you going further along and click on the lightning icon and you are going to lose some diamonds(use this hay day cheat to get unlimited diamonds). After all this you need to build materials which are required to upgrade your storage space in your barn and silo. You can access some new building items while you are away on the fields and taking care of your animals. Those Mystery Boxes that pop up every now and then during gameplay are also good for getting some surprise gifts. You can also cop some Mystery Boxes with your diamonds if you choose to while playing Hay Day diamond hack.

You can pick up a few additional items for free like buy a lot of wheat until your silo is full. Plant half of them then turn your device upright and shake it while cutting wheat. Perhaps games should stagger out the instructions by introducing the challenges that players can dwell on before a new gameplay element or technique is added. This hay day hack tool is updated every Friday and all new bug fixes are taken into account so rest assured this hay day hack works fine.

Here is a funny video of Hay Day :