In the race of city building games like City Ville, Frontier ville War of Mercenaries has also made its position very strong and effective in a very short span of time. War of mercenaries hack cheats are also available. Use cheats to get unlimited gold coins and RP. Peak Games has developed it very beautifully with a difference to other city building games. But there is lack of originality in this game which makes it a bit weaker than other similar kind of games.
Unlimited lumber hack and stone hack is also possible here. When you start playing this game you will find it very familiar but with the passage of time and increasing of levels this game goes complicated for some people. This game is all about building city and preserving it from the rival builders who can destroy it. ...continue reading

War commander, as its name indicates, the game is all about war, fights, saving which makes it interesting. War Commander is very inviting to newcomers of the genre. Getting started with the game is quick and easy, and the quest system does a great job keeping you on track. There’s no real story to speak of, and the premise itself is paper thing. However, it’s the type of game that requires little more than a desire to plunder.
As with other Facebook strategy games like Global Warfare, here in War commander  money hack  players are given a newbie grace period which provides an opportunity to get their army up and running before becoming fair game to the rest of the community. The player will need to build up our base with resource structures and training facilities, and it can be a bit slow going at first. ...continue reading

Village life is a solid fun filled game as its game indicates it revolves around the life of village and villagers. Building up an existence for your villagers in Village Life involves tasks like fetching water, building fires, gathering food and resources, building structures, and crafting tools to help you get your jobs done. Each adult villager has an energy bar that depletes with every task performed, so obviously the more villagers you have under your command, the more stuff gets done.
This is why Village life food hack  puts emphasis on relationships. The game lopes along slowly if you stick to your original band of merry men and women, but the real fun is in meeting characters from other villages your Facebook pals, marrying, making babies, and raising them until they’re ready to join the workforce.
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VEGA Conflict is a space-themed strategy game from Kixeye behind Battle Pirates, War Commander and Backyard Monsters. In this new game, players add modules, extract resources from asteroids, research technologies, build ships, defend their bases, and raid others’ bases to seize more resources and strengthen themselves.
Vega conflict Mineral Ore  hack puts players through the restricted constructions, upgrades, researches and productions consuming varying amounts of resources. They not only build and enhance modules, and research technologies, they also need to manufacture various parts to install onto some modules and even the battle ships. ...continue reading

This is the only genesis game that can be played showing the BEST graphics .unlike its downgraded sequel, that is Vectorman gives a more cherry bang for the buck type of gameplay consisting of 16 levels. Even though the earlier versions of this game has high levels  and interesting portions but still the genesis version of this game is preferres more than the earlier ones.
Vector alt level hack  is indeed a very solid game that had been released towards the end of the 16-bit era, and considering that this game was released on Sega Genesis, it is very amazing how the system was able to render the CGI quality 2D graphics, as it was very difficult for developers back in the early to mid 1990's to develop a game that would display somewhat realistically, and the game characters move at a very smooth frame rate as well, which
also adds to the already wonderful CGI quality experience. ...continue reading

Uphill Rush 4 is the fourth of the Uphill Rush game series and due to the popularity of this brilliant course racer, the following that these games possess is a telling sign of the great gaming experience that the player will have with this one. The player have to jump on their bike and race through uphill rush 4 courses which is a really improved version of the previous series and it includes more and more bumps and landings than before.
Uphill Rush 4 is a very simple game to play but that is a positive for any free online game and with the enjoyment that we will get from completing each of the courses that we will encounter, it is for sure that this game can be proved as the best landing game on facebook. ...continue reading

Uberstrike is facebook game and as its name indicates it deals with striking , strikes and much more fun. Uberstrike is a multiplayer first-person shooter from Cmune, available on the Facebook game canvas as well  in standalone downloadable versions. The game has been gaining considerable traction recently, and is set to launch on iOS and Android soon.
Uberstrike currency hack opens with a solo tutorial in which the player is introduced to the game’s basic controls and invited to practice shooting at targets with the game’s basic machine gun weapon. Following this, the player is then invited to either join or create a multiplayer game session in one of three modes a free-for-all death match, a team-based death match, or a team-based elimination mode in which the team of the last player standing is declared the winner.
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TubeHero is, as the name suggests, a take on the popular Guitar Hero series of music games that were popular on home consoles a few years ago. Basic gameplay involves hitting keys on the computer keyboard basically o a USB guitar controller as colored notes move down a highway towards the player. The more accurately the player hits the timing of the notes, the more points they will score, and the more notes they successfully hit without making a mistake, the higher their score multiplier will rise.
The new multiplayer component of the game allows up to four online players to compete simultaneously on the same song. ...continue reading

You might have heard the name of Pixel Federartions new release Train Station. Obviously, as the name suggests the game is all about Trains and stations. The game plays somewhat which we call simple game play. What you have to do is to send and receive trains. You will get two type of trains in this game i.e. passenger or mail trains and Cargo trains. You have to load and unload trains filled with resources. The mail or passenger train allows to you to buy buildings for your train station. Unlimited points and coin hack cheats may help a lot here.
The pace of the game totally rests on you. You have to manage the time and the distance the train will travel. The impressing part this game has is that you will get something every time to do. ...continue reading

Another game related to city-builder Township conveys the great feeling of building your own city or community. This game has resources like gold, cash, coin etc. which can be hacked easily. The game starts with well-settled town with plots where you have to grow crops. You can start your farming by growing wheat and then can go on growing Cotton and Sugar cane. In the beginning of the game you will be provided with 10 plots. You can increase your number of plots by growing population of your town. You have to make the citizens of your city happy by building and decorating buildings.
Once you will succeed in maintaining the happiness level of the citizens of your city you can go on making more buildings and increase the population. ...continue reading