What a stupid pigeon Coins hacks and Cheats

As the name of the game itself involves the word stupid with it, the game is really is an stupid one but one can enjoy playing this stupid pigeon game. The concept is fun and simple , we have to give a good kick to the Pigeon and make it fly as far as possible and bounce on the blocks along the way. No need to be efficient to break any distance record because that is not what this game is about
We have to customize the Pigeon with items, to increase its performance. Farts, skateboard or reactor will give him a tremendous speed and the great blocks will help him bounce incredibly. Multiple items can be used to take first place in ranking, but we have to pay attention to the obstacles as signposts or sewers in What a stupid pigeon coin hack
What a stupid pigeon hack and cheatsWhat a stupid pigeon coin hack  is only available of Facebook Platform. This game Is pretty fun and the ideal of the game is to kick our Pigeon as far as we can go. As we progressed through the game we get items that will make we are pigeon fly further and higher and even allow we to kick them harder too. The game kind of plays like angry Birds with one small difference we are In the game to send that bird flying instead of a slingshot. It can be rated as a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale as it is very fun to play and addicting too. If we have not try this game then suggestion is to do so. Because we are missing out on some really fun stuff by not trying it once. And beside If we are a writer we can then write about it to so that other may be able to play It better then we.
We have to show that we have them take a dump on wer newly wash car at one time or the other. Well pay back is a dish best served cold. So far  am stuck at 3127 feet In the game, the player should try to beat each other’s  score. But time should be kept in hand to  send that pigeon to the moon so he can poop on the spaceships that might be flying around up there. The graphics on this game is pretty good too and we can even play on mars too. It can be made it only to mars so far but  further than that. The story of the game and its interest lies on beating the scores otherwise it will be like other games . But before beating it is something different then the rest of the games on the social sites. So the player should try to beat the scores and the aim of the player should be point making only then only What a stupid pigeon coin hack  will be addictive as well as fun too. One should try to make points as much as he or she can with the power ups provided.