Warmageddon coins Hack and Cheats

Warmageddon is a latest  social strategy game. Warmageddon is a Facebook strategy game that is a successful combination of social elements and strategy gaming. In the game, players follow the quests to build their barrack to train troops and battle against their facebook friends.
The game Warmageddon coins hack  is developed by Russia-based Progrestar behind the social zombie-themed game The Last one ,the Scariest Game. With all of the missions listed as buttons on the left, one will feel quite comfortable to follow them or just pick up those they prefer. In that way, they will complete the endless constructions and upgrades, which are the typical contents of a strategy game, in the most casual and relaxing way. Warmageddon hack and cheatsWe have to turn our village into an advanced fort , Surround it with trenches and build defensive towers and machine guns . we can purchase various buildings for our Warmageddon village.
When we go on expeditions and collect the parts we need to rebuild destroyed objects in our village.  we will need items to go on Warmageddon expeditions. Generally we can get these from requesting and gifting from and to friends.
we have to hire all kinds of soldiers, from pitchforkers to robots,  we can hire and train the different units for our Warmageddon village. It should be noted that these units have different stats and require different buildings to be built. We have to gather all our friends and defeat those bosses. These are harder enemies that we may have trouble if we attack the Warmageddon bosses by ourself.
we have to create an alliance and invite our friends to join it . Together, it will be much easier to claim dominion over these lands. we will need to build an Embassy before we can ask our friends to join our alliance.beside this, we can Capture settlements and protect them from attacks by other players.
This entry was posted in Warmageddon by Gamelytic. Warmageddon coins hack not only takes the mission presentation system from social games but also offers the cartoony figures and pictures with the always green world where you could expand your territory. The characters, however small, are still the kind of neatly designed characters populating the whole social gaming world. Interestingly, Warmageddon fuses social elements with the alliance forming and has thus rendered a new way of battle: fighting against bosses teamed up or solo.
Once you choose to attack a boss, the battle will start in five minutes, during which we can assemble forces of our friends for the battle. And if we prefer doing it ourself, just don’t send requests and a few minutes later the battle would be finished itself. we will have a normal strategy experience in this game, endless constructions and upgrades, unseen battles and intense focus on resource collection and management. And we spend most of our time upgrading structures, crafting items, training warriors, and waiting for enough raw materials to be collected rather than taking part in any fights or campaigns. Warmageddon coins hack would be a good choice if the player is looking for a casual strategy title allowing for cute graphics as well as close connection with friends. However, it offers nothing beyond that and that’s disappointing.