Wizard of oz Coins Hack and Cheats

Most people must be familiar with this name “Wizard of Oz”. Because it is a very popular movie which actually was inspired from a fantastic novel based of fiction. After winning hearts of people as a book and then movie it has extended its legion in the world of games. It is a city building simulation game created by Spooky Cool Labs. You can play this alone or even can invite friends to play this with you.
Wizard of oz coins hack game basically starts with entering into the Munchkinland, and your first task will be to build a Tiny Hut for them. But before that there are many things which are necessary to know of to play this marvelous game. wizard of oz hack and cheatsThere are many cool stuffs like the Oz Coins which is the main currency of Oz, and can be used to purchase items and tasks, Wood which is essential material is used for building, then there is Yellow Ore which needs to be collected in order to make Yellow Bricks, Food which is the most important thing because it is used to feed Munchkins, and is essential if you're to keep them happy and working, then Emeralds which is the secondary currency of Oz, and can be used to purchase premium items and accelerate tasks, Wand Shards which are meant to be collected in order to use these to summon Glinda. Then there is the Quest Journal which is where all Quests and tasks are listed and this enables to view the status of any of these by toggling over the character icon associated with that Quest. Then there is Energy which is very essential as it is used every time you perform a task, such as collecting or harvesting. Then there is the Experience which keeps increasing with completion of various tasks to gain levels, unlocking features and giving you handsome rewards.
For performing tasks there are icons that help like Tailor which is used to customize the Munchkins, Build which build Buildings, Decor, Community, and/or Resource objects, Tools which enables to access options like Remove Munchkin, Bulldoze Object, Landscape, Move Object, and Rotate Object.
For playing Wizard of oz coins hack first you have to go to the Build menu and build a hut for munchkins. The building will turn green when it will be placed on land and this will allow new Munchkins to move into your world.  And completion of every task in Oz will grant you Experience in the form of a star. You can also get other drops that will appear, such as Coins, Wood, Ore, Collectibles, etc, even Energy. In order to progress, you will need to complete Quests which are essential in expanding your world and helping Dorothy reach the Emerald City. Gradually and eventually  you have to go on fulfilling all the necessary steps. The game ends when  you finally, build a Town Hall which can turn out Titles and Deeds, which you will need for various expansions and upgrades.
This amazing game will lead you to the fantasy world of Wizard of Oz where you can relive the classic adventure of Dorothy, Toto, and all their friends as they follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City!