Words with friend’s Points Hack and Cheats

Social networking sites are now featuring various online games which are becoming popular among the users. This in turn is making the sit popular too, and is attracting more users who love playing games. “Words with friends” is a simple game based on your vocabulary skills. It will both test and expand your vocabulary. It is a casual stimulating crossword game that you can play with your family, friends in free time, in weekends, in holiday etc. And moreover addiction does not see place or time. And this is a very good pass time as it enhances the vocabulary skill too.

“Words with friends” game can be played online with the social networking friend or alone as well. But playing with others makes it more enjoyable because of the competition.

“Words with friends” game includes:

  • Game board.
  • Four curved racks to hold tiles.
  • 104 game tiles.
  • A handy drawstring cloth storage bag for the tiles and racks.
  • Rule sheet.
  • Digital enhancement code for online words with friends account.

Words with friend’s points hack

“Words with friends” is one type of traditional game, which is played on a board. In this game, it’s important to know some basic things which will help you in playing and win, like:

  1. Your aim is to make a word which gives you maximum points; it can be done by moving all your squares.
  2. Triple word (TL), Double word (DW), Triple letter (TL), Double letter (DL), helps you get additional score.
  3. This game you can play self to emphasize your word skill, or can play online or can pass -and -play with someone in a same room increase your word strength.
  4. In this game you have opportunity to challenge a casual player or you request a person to play with you.
  5. While playing online you will find a chat button located on the right hand corner; this enables you to have chat with your rival (A good chance to emotionally manipulate your opponent.).
  6. The players have the option to challenge their mates and send them invitation to play via facebook or twitter or LAN.

“Words with friends” has a suggested age range of 13+. It’s just like scrabble game, but there are many small changes, like the board is the same size ,but there is new letter distribution, letter values are different, the DL,TL,DW,TW square have changed place. This is an easy to play game which allows you to take seven tiles to create words vertically or horizontally them to previously play words. You need to make word with highest points by using DW, TW, DL, TL in your own turn. A player can select to play a word, pass or switch each one of their tile. In this game there are no penalties or challenge i.e. when someone gets a word wrong, you will just be notified that the word can’t be used and you can hear a ding-dong sound when your word is successfully positioned.

This game gives enough reasons to get addicted, because of features like:

  • The shuffle capability.
  • Automatic scorekeeping.
  • Instant dictionary, the game will instantly tell you whether the word you attempted is in dictionary or not.

It’s easy to play. If you are playing online you need to memorize your username/password. Some word buffs and novices, which is enjoyable and due to its straight forwardness and friendly approach creating a great time for anyone into competitive word games.