Words of Wonder Gold Hack and Cheats

Words of wonder are a new social game from Playdom. This is a simple and fun spelling gameplay. Words of wonder is a word puzzle game which is generally same as Candy crush saga. In this you have to make a linear series of levels, each of which has one of several different objectives to complete. You can also invite your friends and make a competition for which each level has its own leaderboard where you may compare your performance against friends. And moreover, you can earn up to three stars on each levelog Words of Wonder gold hack
The outline of Words of Wonder gold hack is that using the letters found on the board you have to make words which may be connected diagonally, vertically, horizontally in order to find words. The logic here is you have find words it will score you with points and if you make words with rarer letters then it will score you more points. Words of Wonder hack and cheatsCreating a word of more than the minimum three letters causes the last letter to turn into a bonus tile which applies a multiplier to any word in which it is incorporated. Special tiles are useful tools as it make explosion and take all the adjacent tiles with them when they are incorporated. And this will help you complete levels that require the player to destroy a certain number of tiles. Apart from that you are given a certain number of moves to complete your main objective in, and any moves that are left over after a level ends are converted into explosion bomb tiles and help you earn perfect 3-star rating.
Words of Wonder gold hack provides its hard currency gold which is generally used to buy boosters to make the game easier in various ways and also add some extra moves to the player’s stock for the level. It also incorporates some energy system but it doesn’t appear to behave at all consistently. It might cost you to play a level and sometimes not. There are total 75 fantastic and challenging levels which is quite interesting. As you advanced the levels all of which encourage you to think outside the box and spell your words in fresh and innovative ways. Some of the later levels can be particularly tricky, especially with introduction of more rigid letter. Here owl mentor will help you with number of nifty power-ups. The power-ups add such as a hammer boost, a shuffle boost and more.
A hammer boost will let you clear one specific tile from the board and a shuffle boost rearranges the whole game board if you have spelled your way into a corner. These will grant you some more moves in a single level. This is Disney animation which featured it with very attractive and with excellent presentation. This also features a gorgeous world map that is slowly painted in with each level you complete as such as fantasy environments like a fairytale castle, sandy dunes, and frightening sea. In total you will feel free to play Words of Wonder gold hack but with some energy restrictions.