Zuma Blitz hack and Cheats

Zuma Blitz is almost 3 years old game in facebook but has gained popularity in last some months. It is not like that this game doesn’t have any exciting features in it but this game was being modified last year by the creators. It has its rebirth with more fabulous features in it. Zuma blitz hack cheats are available on internet .
Developers Pop cap Games has put lots of effort develop this game attractive and exciting. But fails to develop it as a mind blowing  game. Some negative features put down this game from the expectations of gamers. Money hack and cash hack some how works in this game. When it comes to its game play then I will say that this game is all about  matching balls of same color  from a group of different color balls. Zuma Blitz hack and cheatsIt is really easy and fun to play this game on facebook. You might be in a confusion that How  does this game revolves only around balls?  So here I am to solve your problem you just have to find balls of  same color  from many different colors of balls and make a group of at least three same colors of balls. Uniting three same color balls gives a point.
Like many other facebook games Zuma Blitz also have the leveling feature which makes it more interesting and of course time is somewhat in the format of Bejeweled Blitz which is also a facebook game.
This game includes many surprises in its every level but with these some exciting features this game also have a major negative feature. This game is very much time consuming once you start playing this game and when it ends up you will see one and half hours or two hours have been passed. Playing this game may be a fun and interesting but side by side it can hamper your other works as it is a time fetching game. The game play is something which needs strategy like many other facebook games and totally depends on smart play. Apart from the game play when you go for its visual and design this game is not going to impress you. Designs are not so outstanding like other facebook games. It’s a colorful game but can’t hit the mind of the gamer in first chance.
Its really interesting to play this game with hack cheats. Still if you want to experience something different and full of fun then this game can be proved as a right choice for you. Person of every age group can play this as its simple and very easy to play. Don’t hesitate to play this game just try it once. After which who knows that this game can become one of your favorite facebook games.
Its truly fun to play this game and it makes mind fresh from other tensions and work pressure. Believe me its my own experience when I got bored from my work or need to fresh my mind I always choose this game to fresh n up my mind from stress. Rather it can bore some gamers who love adventurous games to play. This game has lack of adventurous features in it which can be stand as its negative point.